Teeth Bleaching

Tooth Whitening Made Fast & Easy with Zoom!

Are you looking for a better way to whiten your teeth and keep that beautiful healthy glow for a long time? If your current teeth whitening system is no longer living up to your expectations then it may be time to try out something new. 

Many people have already witnessed the long-lasting effects of the Zoom teeth whitening system and have received satisfactory results from this innovative product. Now it’s your turn to find out for yourself why this revolutionary whitening product has received so many positive reviews and how it can turn your ordinary teeth into the sparking white smile that you have always wanted. 

Have you ever wanted whiter teeth in less than a few hours? At A+ dental we have the solution. Our friendly team will give you the look you want in under 120 minutes! 

Zoom can bring your teeth up to 4 shades brighter without messy bleach trays. It's fast, it's easy and can help to create that smile you always dreamed of!

Zoom Tooth Whitening Results

A recent clinical study showed that the Zoom Teeth Whitening System made teeth up to 44% whiter than teeth that were whitened using only the gel and not the special Zoom light. Whitening your teeth with this special type of sodium free, high output bulb gave users a more intense shade change when compared to those who only used the whitening gel around seven to ten days after using the system. The same results also applied 30 days after use.

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